Friday, 28 December 2007

...He's not stopping....

Just a quick little felt cat (who just will not be photographed well because he's black) that I whizzed up last night as a last minute birthday gift for one of my son's friends. Don't you just love being given these things to do with less than 24 hours to spare? Hope she likes him!

Still not got to do any beading - aaargh! I'm very concious of having less than a week left of the school holiday until I go back to work and while I am achieving some things (the painting is flying along thank goodness!) the rest of it has had to take a back seat due to the season and unexpected events - who else has managed to break the oven two days after Christmas? We did find a local spares shop open - lucky,lucky - and my partner spent nearly an hour last night fitting the new element and then not understanding why it kept blowing the fuses again.....well, it helps if you re-wire the main cable wires in the correct order! Poor chap, it was late and he was tired - and it did give me a chance to be smug for a short while when I noticed the problem, which doesn't often happen with anything technical!


backpakker said...

pretty as usual..wish you a very happy new year

natural attrill said...

Lovely little cat!