Saturday, 19 April 2008

Brindle & Dot

It's not very long until the first of the craft fairs, so I thought it was time to make a few more of the little felt puppies. We have one brindled little chap with a white belly complete with his leather collar, comfy magenta and green bed, chew toy, bag of biscuits, tin of food and a bowl. Dot the dalmation is very jealous as she only has the collar so far....she'll get the rest of her belongings later today! These little sets are for sale here as well if you would like one - £10 + P&P

In the background of the photo you can see my TIDY desk! Make a note of it - it hasn't been like that since I don't know when and I'm sure it won't remain that way for very long. With Bob away plus time off from the day job, I have been cleaning (yeuch!) with a vengeance. I loathe and despise housework, but I do love having a clean and tidy home (bearing in mind my idea of tidy may be a whole lot different to yours.....) I'm sure once I go back to work the mess will creep up on me again, but for now I'm enjoying actually seeing the surfaces of tables and sideboards....what a novelty!

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