Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Marigold & Spring into Art Exhibition

Finally finished the marigold - it started off as a brooch, but looked so nice with the embroidered leaves I decided to change it to a necklace. It took 3 evenings as I have stitched round the leaves this time, as well as adding a bit more satin stitch to the flower and a little ladybird. This is £20 + P&P SOLD
Two days until the Fleet Art Society 'Spring into Art' exhibition and I have framed four out of five paintings - just a little one to go but I ran out of masking tape. If any of you are in the Fleet area, come to the Harlington Centre to see the exhibition 3rd & 4th May. I shall be 'demonstrating' (well, painting while people walk past!) Sunday morning - I've started another zebra picture, back in the comfort zone!


natural attrill said...

I like the design and shape of your new marigold necklace Caroline, and the little ladybird is a sweet touch.

Magpie Magic said...

The marigold is gorgeous and the colours are just perfect. I'd love to see one with little wild violets, I think they'd work really well as a necklace too.

Magpie Magic said...

Oh, forgot to say... Have to take some classes from you on how to cut mounts! The pictures look fab.

Caroline B said...

Hi Sybille, Violets are a definite possibility, one of my favourite flowers. The forget-me-nots were a crashing disaster, felt is too fat for them!