Thursday, 24 April 2008

More Flowers!

As you can see, I'm just churning the flowers out at the moment!
Firstly, there is another daisy-chain necklace - different to the other one as I don't have any more of the thin, smooth white felt I used before and can't find any similar. Goodness knows where it came from! So as a result, the daisies in the second necklace are slightly larger as the felt is fatter, which means there are two less of them. Just as much work involved though! Price, same as before £20 + P&P

Secondly, I have made a brooch and the flower this time is called Cosmos. I grew a big patch of these last year in the garden and they are simply beautiful with their tall stems, delicate lacy green leaves and myriads of cup shaped flowers in various shades of pink. I spent many hours painting and sketching them last summer. The brooch just has the one bloom, embroidered in pink and three leaves. £5 + P&P

I'm not too sure if there will be any more flowers for a couple of days - my SO is coming home tonight for the weekend so I doubt I'll be spending my time sewing!

I'm in the process of re-working the flamingo painting - I simply hated the background and was not happy to leave it that way so there has been some serious over-painting going on. Watch this space...


natural attrill said...

For anyone reading the comments and wondering wether to buy:

I have bought the first daisy chain necklace, it arrived in the post today, and is just as nice in real life as it looks in the photo. Really well made and very pretty. LOVELY !!!


Caroline B said...

Thanks Penny, so glad you like it!

FionaH said...

Hi Caroline
M-in-L is delighted with her African Violet brooch. Many thanks indeed and keep up the good work!

Magpie Magic said...

The daisy chain is just as cute as the last one and the brooch is sweet too. You're going to brighten up Britain with your cute felt flower designs!