Monday, 14 April 2008

Pink Flamingo Umbrella & Last Chance for Giveaway

You only have until the end of the day to enter my 200th Post Giveaway - leave your name and I'll pick a winner of a mystery gift at the end of today.

I spent yesterday turning a pink umbrella into a flamingo! I saw the method in a magazine a while back but it needed a pure white umbrella and I had nowhere to get one from. Then by chance in our local cheap & cheerful store I found a perfect pink umbrella for a ridiculous £3.

So I spent Saturday painting the handle to look like this -

Then I made two feather stampers out of thin foam and cardboard and yesterday decorated the fabric to look like this -

The whole thing has turned out really well - I think it is such a cute idea. Trouble is, the rain has stopped and the sun is shining......but this is Britain, I'm sure we'll be back to wet weather soon enough.

If you'd like an umbrella like this, let me know - but quickly as there were only a couple of them left in the shop.

I'm nearing completeion of the latest painting - also flamingoes. I don't know, these obsessions tend to creep up on me - I'll be dressing in pink and standling on one leg in a puddle next....


fhiona galloway said...

sweet Caroline-he he!!

natural attrill said...

Thats a good idea, you could have a range of birds in various colours, swan comes to mind especially.
I am all excited by the draw, keeping my fingers crossed!!

Pippa said...

What a fabulous umbrella - I love it!!
Am I too late for the 200th post giveaway - here's hoping!
Pippa ;0)

Caroline B said...

No, you weren't to late Pippa, but unfortunately my daughter didn't pick out your name! Do come back again, I do this on a fairly regular basis!
Caroline :0)

Laura said...

Wow - I LOVE the brolly. It's fabulous!

Laura x

Penguin & Fish said...