Monday, 7 April 2008

Despite the Confusion....

It's a busy time at home, but I have still found the opportunity to get on with some crafting. The above is a very small knitted bear, made with pale blue baby yarn (thank you free stash!) on size 14 needles - there goes my eyesight.... She is in a (removeable) pink felt dress, embroidered with tiny blue flowers and a ribbon corsage. Looking for a home, £10 + P&P
This little chap already has a home and will be on his way there very shortly. It's a little felt dragon I made by way of a swap with Sybille at Magpie Magic. In return she has made me the most fantastic necklace with a marine theme (you know that is my weakness...) and I am so excited. You can have a look at it here, as well as the rest of Sybille's simply amazing jewellery.

And as the dragon will be going to Sybille's son, I thought she should have a little something for herself. The above is a felt daisy brooch, embroidered, and I am so pleased with it. Ever since making separate daisies for decorating a bear, I have thought about turning the idea into jewellery and am thrilled that it worked so well. There will be more in this style - if you would like something similar, let me know.

I have been working on a commission (not quite ready to show as need a couple of findings) and then got carried away making the above. It is a plethora (!) of glass leaves, flowers, AB beads and vintage brass charms - leaves and a humming bird - all hung on an antique-look chain. Very pretty when worn and produces the requisite tinkling noise as you move! £15 + P+P

Don't forget the 200th post giveaway - still waiting for more than two people to enter!


natural attrill said...

I love the little daisy brooch, very sweet! I am sure Ben will like his dragon.

Magpie Magic said...

The dragon is so cute! I love it! I love dragons anyway. :-) And the daisy brooch is so sweet. It'll brighten up my black coat. LOL

Really like the flowery necklace as well, it's beautiful.

Many thanks. Can't wait for the postman to arrive. :-)