Sunday, 23 November 2008

Beachcomber Chic!

I've been picking up yarn from all over the place lately - the above scarf was made from some gorgeous discontinued Rowan yarn called Seashore that I bought on e-Bay. It is a sort of tubular cotton net with a cord attached and put me in mind of fishermen's nets. So I knitted a simple garter stitch scarf on huge wooden needles while threading shells, beads and wooden fish on to the yarn so they are incorporated into the knit. I then knotted a fringe on to each end, adding more flotsam and jetsam and knotting the strands into a net pattern, but also leaving it a bit random. It has turned out rather special - it puts me in mind of something a character in Waterworld might wear!
The above beret is made from an Adriafil yarn called Baba that I bought at I Knit in London. It's a pattern I made up as I went along! The yarn is very thick and slubby, nice and warm and in lovely autumnal colours.

Both items will be in my Etsy shop shortly.

I visited Pack Lane Yarns in Basingstoke yesterday on the hunt for another ball of Kidsilk Night to finish a project started from a ball I picked up on e-Bay - with no success. Trust me to pick another discontinued yarn...I did find some elsewhere on the internet though. And did not leave the shop could I?


Magpie Magic said...

Very pretty. Love the way you've knitted the scarf with a simple loose garter stitch and added the shells and fishies. Great minds think alike, I've almost finished a waves scarf.

The hat looks like fun. The colours are so bright and intense. Very autumnal. :-)

The kidsilk is a lovely yarn it looks so pretty. It's what I used on my wild rose scarf. :-)

natural attrill said...

Hi Caroline,
That scarf is lovely, I like all the little bits and bobs that you have incorporated into it.

Laura said...

The scarf is fab - what a wonderful idea!

MrsB said...

Oh what fun pieces. I love how whimsical the scarf is and how colorful the hat is. Very fine and well made :)