Thursday, 27 November 2008

Thunderstorm Curly Crochet Scarf

Finally finished this scarf - it's been a series of running out of materials, first the yarn and then the crystal beads, but we got there in the end! It is crocheted using Rowan Kidsilk Night yarn in the 'Storm' shade which describes it perfectly. There were lowering rain clouds all around the horizon here today and they were exactly this colour! It has a fine silver thread running through it, just enough to give it a tiny sparkle.
I used the curly-wurly pattern as basis to make this - crocheting a long chain then a row of double crochet followed by a row of two DC's in each previous DC, thus causing the scarf to twirl in a spiral. I then made a simple lace pattern with a clear crystal bead on the point of each picot. It looked a little thin when this was done, so I crocheted a very simple lace out of chain loops down the other side of the original chain.
It really is beautiful - nothing to do with my workmanship, just the yarn, it's colour, fluffiness and the way the beads look like drops of rain.

This will be on sale at the Christmas Fair at my work tomorrow and if it doesn't sell there, then it will be on Etsy by the weekend.

I'm on the downhill slope now with the calendar work - must really put some hours in over the weekend and try to get further ahead. I am so very tired though - I think I have produced more art work in the last 4 months than in the past 4 years!


Magpie Magic said...

The scarf is as gorgeous as all your other knitting/crochet. Don't put yourself down, woman! ;-) It's choosing the right pattern for the wool as much as it is the yarn itself that makes the garment, one without the other wouldn't work.

Hope you sell loads today and get lots done over the weekend so you at least let yourself have one day off.

natural attrill said...

More lovely soft creations! you are clever.
Hope the Christmas fayre went well and you sold lots!