Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Not Enough Hours in the Day..

Time is definitely not on my side at the moment. I have so much to get done but so little time in which to do it. However, I have been working on my calendar designs - the above is a detail from the December puppy - he looks a little like one of my dogs did before he started to get grey and decrepit!

At the day job we have come across a little boy who started school this last September and only turned 5 last month. Already he draws like this - hopefully you can see the detail if you click on the photo. He holds his pencil like a stabbing stick and draws so fast without even thinking about it. I have been given the task of mentoring and teaching him - what an absolute pleasure it is too. Today, after over an hour of drawing and colouring, I had to physically pry the pencil out of his hand to send him back to class in order to go home! It's all very exciting - I'll keep you informed of his progress.


Sallie said...

Love the dog for the calendar.

Wow on the art work of the 5 year old. I need to show this to my daughter who teaches art to primary age children. Do keep us informed on his progress.

Laura said...

Aw - great little dog. Love his tinsel!

The little boy's drawing is amazing. Such detail - the wrapping paper on the gifts is something else. Brilliant!

fhiona galloway said...

isn't it funny the way young children write some of their letters backwards. My daughter used to do it too-then they grow out of it.
Looks like Daddy is the cook in his house!
And George eating his leg of turkey! he he!
Tree is very good. What a very good observer he must be!

natural attrill said...

Thanks for showing us this Caroline. I always like seeing childrens work, they have such a different perspective on the world.
Its great that you are helping this little boy, and encouraging him, though doesnt sound like he needs much encouragement if you have to pry the pencil from his hand!
I wonder what he'll be like, and what he'll do as he grows up. I hope his talent carries on being nurtured throughout his school years.
Lovely puppy too.