Sunday, 16 November 2008

Dazzling Scarf & branching out into Felt Real Estate....

I've had this scarf completed for about a week now, but only just got around to ironing it! It is made in some fabulous hand spun/dyed yarn from Colinette that I bought at I Knit a couple of weeks ago. I just love the way the two colours fizz against each other and the yarn itself is thick and slubby, so cozy! It will be on Etsy later on....unless you want to snap it up beforehand!

N.B. While I love I Knit to visit and buy yarn from, their internet service is not so good - wrote to them over a week ago enquiring about buying more yarn and still no reply - not good business practice guys!

I finished the little felt cafe last night - what a lot of intricate stitchwork! The front has a sticky-out awning over it's big window with a chair & table on view within; an embroidered sign, windows with window boxes and a little yellow door with a red door knob.
Each side has it's own set of windows with little awnings on the lower ones.

Even the back has windows and a continuation of the row of flower bushes around the base. It even has a properly aligned chimney pot sewn on the top although I appear to have pushed it off kilter while photographing it - whoops!

I'm not sure what the Japanese book recommends stuffing it with as theirs was very flat and perfectly square - mine has been stuffed with kapok and I put a pebble in the base to weight it down and keep it upright. This too will go on to Etsy later on.

Off now to go and do some public painting at the Fleet Art Society exhibition - not as scary as it sounds, a chance to get some work done at least!

P.S. Sold a painting at the exhibition - bye-bye Flamingoes!


Magpie Magic said...

WOW! That scarf zings BIG time. Love the colours together, but then I did in the shop. Agree about the on-line shop facilities too. Still haven't got my yarn after over two weeks!!!

The detail on the little cafe is amazing. Would make a cool toy for a small child. :-)

natural attrill said...

Hi Caroline,
That little felt cafe is so sweet! lovely work.

Sallie said...

Great colors on the scarf! The cafe is wonderful. I love it.