Thursday, 6 November 2008

Tweedie Beanie

Here is an actual finished project from this week. It's a feminine beanie hat with picot edging and two appliqued knitted flowers & leaves with pearly bead centres. It's made with a ball of pinky-lilac tweed effect pure wool that I bought in London last week. Very cute when worn - got an elf-like quality to it, if you know what I mean! When I get the time, it will go on to my Etsy shop.

Back to being incredibly busy now that school is once again open and I have to fit in the day job, painting, etc - you know the story by now! This week I have completed another calendar picture and must start some more potatoes. I also have several knitting projects on the go - a lavendar shawl knitted in Japanese cotton Gima, a bolero knitted in Japanese paper yarn, a scarf in Italian varigated wool and have had a first attempt at knitting up the Jelly yarn - that's tough on the fingers! I can't wait until after Christmas when (theoretically) I can have a break!


Magpie Magic said...

What a lovely hat and design. You could add some little beads to the flowers to bring them out more.

Would work really well for babies, too, in a smaller size.

Sallie said...

Very cute!

natural attrill said...

Very pretty subtle colours, and I like the edging.