Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Featured on Etsy!

Well, not on their front page, but someone has seen fit to include my Toucan Treasure Chest in their 'Treasury' collection. Whatever gets it noticed I am grateful for - check it out here.

I've been working on one of the calendar paintings - a Saluki this time. Since owning a Saluki I have become very aware that they are sadly under-represented in the calendar/card/memorabilia markets, which is a shame as they are such beautiful and elegant dogs. So this is my small blow to redress the situation - there will be at least one calendar out there with a picture of a Saluki in it!

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Sallie said...

I hear you about Salukis. We had greyhounds for years, and very rarely could we ever find calendars or cards with greyhounds. I think greyhounds are getting a little more notice now, though.