Thursday, 5 February 2009

Tiny Oatmeal Bear

I thought it time I tried out some of the many and varied Nuigurumi patterns in the books I was given at Christmas. After sitting for a couple of hours gazing at the choices indecisively, I finally opted for a very small bear.

You can see from the comparison with a 50p coin how very tiny she is! She's made in oatmeal coloured felt, with button jointed limbs, so is fully poseable. I didn't like the patterns for felt clothes, so knitted her a little dress from some 'Harry Potter' sock yarn and decorated it with some minute pink flower buttons.

This was a lot of fun to do - I loved how the stuffing made the bear compact and brought out the lovely shaping of the pattern.

So now she's looking for a home - she'll be on Etsy later in the day.


natural attrill said...

I love those little tiny flower buttons around her neck, they must be so small!

Magpie Magic said...

Very, very cute. It looks like one of the Steiff bears but just minute. :-) Love her dress and the flower buttons. Works really well.

Sarah Summers said...

She is so cute Caroline, such a sweetie! Hope she sells on Etsy!
Sarah x