Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Turning Turtle.....

SOLD - but I will be making another to go on Etsy
A few weeks ago a (very good) customer of mine asked if I had a pattern to make a crochet turtle. After looking through my books and trawling the web for a bit, I had to admit that the only crochet turtle patterns I had/could find were rather overly cute and cartoony - not my 'thing' if you know what I mean.

But it set me to thinking about making a turtle......and I couldn't let it go. I've always liked turtles myself - in the past I have painted a huge one as part of a marine mural on my son's wall, and have quite a few pieces of jewellery in the shape of turtles as well as numerous stuffed turtle toys around the house.

So a couple of nights ago I started playing around with some green yarn, and after a few false starts, had a decorative shell made...which then needed an under layer to stop stuffing spilling through the decorative holes!

Last night I completed him and I'm pleasantly surprised by what is my first attempt at 'sculpting' my own design out of crochet. I may well try to do some more of this, it's fun! Although next time I will write down the pattern as I go instead of suddenly remembering half way through that it might be an idea to keep a record just in case I need to make more.......doh!

The zebras are progressing quite nicely - all sketching out is complete and one head is painted. I know a lot of mums dread the school holidays because they have to shelve their own plans while the children are home. Working in a school, it's the other way round for me - I love the holidays as I have plenty of spare time to get on with all these creative projects and my children are grown and able to entertain themselves!


Laura said...

Oh my! He is so sweet! I do like turtles. And you are so clever to have designed him yourself. :o)

Magpie Magic said...

Hi Caroline,

Great job. Love the design you have come up with, it looks cute without being 'sugary sweet'. And guess what, I have a thing about turtles too!

How about a nice penguin next? Ben loves penguins... so if you do, can I have first refusal?

Sybille x

Sallie said...

Great turtle. I like it a lot.