Friday, 13 February 2009

Who's Been Eating My Porridge?

I really like this little bear pattern, so decided to make another one but in a light brown. This time, I thought he deserved a few home comforts, so he has a cosy green chair with a tiny yellow flower button on the seat.

He also has a nice bowl of porridge with a red-handled spoon and of course couldn't be without his cuddly bunny.

The bear is 10 cm high (4 inches) with fully poseable button-jointed limbs. He will go on to Etsy later in the day.

It has been a strange week, not having any commissions on the go for the first time in over 6 months. I have been working on a water-colour painting of some swans and it has felt good to get back to my own choice of subject. I've also been given some fantastic photographs of African animals in the wild which I am dying to get started on too - look out for more zebras!


natural attrill said...

ooooh.... and now look at this fabric, it's lovely! sorry Caroline, your little bear is cute, but I really do love that cloth!

Caroline B said...

Hehe Penny, more fabric from Japan I'm afraid - my son brought me this one so I can't pass on a shop name.