Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Valentine's Day...

You won't find any hearts and flowers here - it's a very subdued Valentine's Day when your loved one is in another country, although I did get a couple of dozen roses a few days early.  Instead, what better way to cheer yourself up than to wear a sweater with a moose on it!  I finished this last night, washed and blocked it overnight all ready to wear today - I absolutely love it!  It's difficult to take a photo of your own chest, but you get the idea - thank you Knitty.com for such a brilliant pattern.
I've been struggling for days now with making a miniature chandelier.  This is to go with all the other knitted furniture for the animated film, but of course to knit a chandelier this small would be impossible.  What I have had to do is fashion it out of wire, find a way to join 5 very unwilling pieces together (bluetac and florists tape) then wrap the lot with gold crochet yarn.  The wrapping alone took me an hour as I had to do it in one long continuous length to prevent any lumps and bumps.  The bases for the bulbs (there will be real bulbs...) are buttons painted gold - try finding flat gold buttons with holes in the centre when you want them, it's not going to happen.  Next is crocheting the bulb holders and adding the crystal drops...or beads as we like to call them in the trade.  All those fiddly mini knitted animals, fish, chairs and the cuckoo clock seem so easy by comparison to this.

As well as the above, I am spending every spare minute painting......deadline too close for comfort!

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