Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Nearly There....

I'm surprised that I have been able to do so much to this painting with all that is going on at my house lately (now my daughter has bronchitis - this has not been a good start to the year, 2012!)  In some ways, escaping into a quiet world of painting a sandy dog has been very therapeutic and none of my anxieties have manifested themselves in the picture.  Quite the reverse, I feel it is turning out to be quite a good one. 

Still left to do - the front legs and the detailing of the chest hair, and something has to be done about that shadow on the left of the dog's flank - it's there in the reference photos but looks hard and heavy in the painting.  But considering an acrylic of this size (A3) and detail used to take me months to complete, a few more afternoons to finish it aren't a problem.

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Magpie Magic said...

It's looking great! :-) I am surprised you're that far considering everything. Well done. xoxo