Tuesday, 3 July 2007

All Sorts of Blue Beads

I haven't been making much jewellery the past few days - having a rest and knitting a cardigan instead. However, I was thinking yesterday about all the odd blue beads I have that don't match and how I could use them, and I came up with the above, which is every blue bead you could think of strung on dark blue wire, with a silver heart and a vintage button for good luck! It is very heavy, very opulent and makes a satisfying clinking noise as you walk (I love jewellery that makes a noise - don't ask me why!). So this is £20 + p&p SOLD - that didn't take long!


fhiona galloway said...

this is lovely Caroline-I love all the different beads together

natural attrill said...

Just catching up on all the blogs, I like the mixture of different beads on this necklace, and think I recognise some?!!

(thanks for the card. x)

Caroline B said...

Thanks Penny - yes, you certainly do recognise some of them! They are so pretty and I think this necklace makes a feature of each and every bead so they can be appreciated and admired.

Glad to have you back m'dear!

Raggy Rat said...

thanks for coming to see my blog, how did you find it, its so new ?!

watch this space for more lobster and other sea creature news ... or rather, that space !