Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Antique-look necklace, Tinsel Bracelet & Garden Flowers

I am getting to grips with the huge bag of beads I bought at the bead fair on Saturday - great fun! Some wire I ordered arrived yesterday and as usual they put in a brilliant 'freebie', some antique-look silver plated, so it looked just right to be matched with the
gorgeous Indian lampwork beads I got in a bargain bag, together with
a few clear seed beads. Very simple and it looks aged and like it has a
history! I also made a bracelet using a few bargain grey glass beads which
have a sort of tinsel inside - very pretty and unusual.

Necklace £16 + p&p
Bracelet £8 + p&p

And below just a few snaps of the flowers in my garden - it actually hasn't rained for over 24 hours and I could get out there with the camera. There is some real colour this year - at least the rain has made everything grow to it's full potential.

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fhiona said...

Caroline your flowers in your garden are gorgeous!! you must ahve green fingers as well as being so talented with painting and jewellery making and knitting!!
You new jewellery is lovely too-I love those blobby lamp beads.