Sunday, 29 July 2007

Happy Horse & Blue Reef Necklace

As you can see, I am getting on with all the overdue projects and having a great time! The above is a painting I have wanted to do for quite a while - those of you who read the newspapers may have seen the photo this is from back in the Spring. I can't use it for any commercial purpose, but I did so want to paint this glorious big horse in the wonderful rearing pose - great practice if nothing else!
This necklace is crocheted with gorgeous cornflower blue wire, and I have used tiny white and pearlescent beads to start with, followed by some really sparkly crystal beads which look like droplets of water (unfortunately couldn't get them to sparkle for the camera!) and culminating in delicate little glass angel fish. My idea for this was that it should look like the tops of waves, with the little fish 'swimming' below. It has turned out very well, and looks far better in real life - the wire is so fine that it doesn't really show to it's best advantage in a photo. This one goes for £20 + p&p


natural attrill said...

This style of necklace is my favourite out of all the jewellery I have seen that you have made. I remember the green seaweed one and my favourite which was ages ago, a white one. They are so delicate with lots of movement, beautiful Caroline!

Magpie Magic said...

This is gorgeous. Looks like blue spider silk. Sybille x