Friday, 13 July 2007

One more week to go....

Oh dear, oh dear, how am I going to last another week? Term does not finish until next Friday and I just can't wait - so many projects I want to get started/finished and I have been unable to get hardly anything done over the past couple of weeks due to the day job together with sheer exhaustion! For anybody not working in education, the end of the school year is a complete nightmare, getting one lot of children ready to move on to 'big' school, preparing for the new intake, dealing with tired and very irritable children (usually so well-behaved..) who seem intent on trying to kill each other for no reason at all, as well as the slew of social events - we are shuffling around at the moment looking hollow-eyed and keeping each other's spirits up by counting the days until the start of the summer holidays. (Six, that's how many, six - would you like to know the hours and minutes too?)

So I have not been very productive this week, although I did finish the above cardigan (at 7 a.m. yesterday morning) which has been a WIP for far too long. It is from a free pattern on the Knitty web site, and is a fantastically easy thing to make as it is knitted all in one piece, the only sewing is the under arm seams. The next knitted item is the lacy skating dress......bit worried about that to be honest!

I have also been churning out gifts for teachers - which I will not show here, but they consist of bracelets using beads chosen by my daughter so we are talking bright, sparkly with definite overtones of pink!!

And in the meantime, there are two paintings crying out to be finished and it is driving me nuts not having the time or the mental state (I'm TIRED) to get on with them. Maybe tomorrow!

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natural attrill said...

I like the way the ends of the tie on your cardigan are finished off, very unusual and pretty shape.
Not long now till the end of term!Penny.