Saturday, 21 July 2007

Tree Frog & Fiery Beads

Computers being computers, the pictures here have been uploaded in chronological order rather than the order I wanted them in, and me being so computer-illiterate, I can't sort them out....
Anyway, the above is the second necklace I made yesterday, using the rather spectacular bright red Indian lampwork beads which have foil inside strung on navy blue wire with little orange glass beads inbetween. The darkness of the wire really sets off the vivid red/gold of the beads. £16 + p&p
Here is my favourite of the day, possibly of the month. Ever since seeing these wonderful little porcelain frog beads I have wanted to make a necklace like this, and since getting the perfect glass leaf beads yesterday, it finally came into being. The large leaf is about 4 centimetres long, and the frog is about 1.5 centimetres. I have hung them on green wire with tiny pink and green glass flowers and dark green leaves which hopefully look like a trailing vine winding up one side of the necklace. Actually on the chain are 3 AB coated green glass beads, just for a little interest before the chain becomes simply wire. £25 + p&p

As is always the way, there were only three of the large leaf beads at the fair yesterday in an oddments basket, so no matter how much I like them, there will only be three necklaces incorporating them unless I can find more somewhere. Oh well, at least they will be a rarity!

Rained all night - thinking the next project might be using a few cubits of Gopher wood and involve gathering pairs of animals.........

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natural attrill said...

Glad I'm not the only one who gets confused with the order of photo's on the blog sometimes!
I like the rich red colour of the top necklace with the black wire.