Saturday, 21 July 2007

Bountiful Beautiful Beads!

Guess where I have just been! This is just a little taster of my purchases today at the Bead'n'Gem fair at Farnham Maltings. Most of the stalls were semi-precious stone beads which were too expensive for my pocket as well as not really being to my taste. But amongst the rest of the stalls I found lots of bargains which I know will get used. The big bag of Indian lampwork beads cost me £2! I just cannot wait to get started, especially now I have such a choice of glass leaves which are crying out for some toucans....

Just as well I have plenty to keep me occupied - the thunder is starting up once again, and we have been warned more torrential rain is on the way. Bob is home as his workplace is a foot under water from yesterday's deluge - all those expensive, beautiful vintage cars up to their knees in stinking brown water. If the water level gets any higher, they are really in trouble!

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