Thursday, 5 July 2007

More Sea Glass and a Variety of Purple Beads...

The above is a simple little necklace using a large piece of sea glass (not sure where this came from, it's been sitting in a pile of pretty pebbles at home for ages!) which I have wrapped with green wire (plus a little spiral) on a green wire chain with clear glass seed beads. I'm really pleased with the result and am already planning the next similar necklace for my last large piece of sea glass. What a good excuse for a trip to the seaside! £15 + p&p

This necklace is made with a mixture of purple and gold glass beads, vintage 'pearls', and a beautiful purple glass vintage button as a pendant, all hung on bronze wire. I'm trying to use up all the 'odd' beads in my collection to make room for more - there is a bead fair coming up at the end of the month and I need justification to buy lots of new beads! The necklace is very pretty and the touches of gold, together with the pearls, make it quite glamourous. £20 + p&p


natural attrill said...

I love the way you colour co-ordinate the wire with the beads.
Good to see the blue necklace sold so quickly!

Magpie Magic said...

The sea glass necklace is very pretty. I love the green wire with the clear seed beads and the spiral on the sea glass. I have a thing about spirals. It looks very clean and organic.