Tuesday, 17 July 2007

More Sea Glass + 3 More Days To Go.....

I spent half of yesterday making hand-made 'good luck' cards for the class I work in - 28 of them! It seemed a good idea when buying the materials in the shop but by the time I had completed 14 of them, plus forgotten one child and had to sit for twenty minutes listing them all and racking my brains to see who I had missed, it began to get tedious! Then I discovered I hadn't got enough card bases as one pack was missing one and I had picked up two packs with less than the others because they were pearlised - aaagh! Luckily I had some little card bases hidden away in my desk from something else and just managed to completed the 28.

I have also finished the teachers' presents - my daughter goes to special school so instead of one or two gifts, I have to come up with six!

So after all that, I could get down to making something a bit more interesting. I have received the wonderful toucan and tree-frog beads, but need to think a bit more about how to incorporate them into a necklace. Instead I used up my final large piece of sea glass and the last of the silver wire to make the above. It is very cool looking - temperature, not attitude - and I am very pleased with the shape of the main pendant and how it has just taken the wire perfectly. This will be £16 + p&p

And finally....three more days to go. Not that I will be free over the weekend as there is a bead fair on Saturday and we plan to hit the Artist and Illustrators's Show on Sunday, but at least they are fun things to do as opposed to work!

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natural attrill said...

Thats really lovely Caroline, to make cards for all the kids.
Have fun at the bead fair! and the A&I show, I'd be interested to hear about that.
I love sea glass, your necklace is looking good!