Friday, 18 January 2008

Back to Beads...

Thought it was time I did a bit of beading - not touched my collection since Christmas despite having lots of new ones to play with! The above is a bracelet that I have had in my head for weeks and finally got around to making it. The beads were from a bargain bucket at the Big Bead Fair last month and the zebras were kindly given to me by Emma at My Vintage Charms. Bit of a disaster though - she gave me four and I can only find three - so I have to turn out my bits and pieces and search down the side of the sofa as it can't be far away......then I can complete the bracelet which would be £15 when finished!
Grumpy monkey earrings - not more to say about them than that! £5 + p&p
This is a double necklace made from natural hemp, varnished wooden parrot beads, AB green glass beads, small round wooden beads, some rather lovely leafy ribbon - and a nut! I can't get it to lie flat to photograph as the hemp is new and a bit curly - when hanging the weight of the beads calm it down a bit. Very natural and pretty. It was nice to make something like this again - I am very fond of making necklaces that look like a little piece of nature! £16 + p&p
This one is just for me - how kitsch can you get! It is a large cabochon with bright pink raised flamingoes and some palm trees. I've hung it on some simple grey suede thong, as the pendant is so over the top it needs nothing else - I love it!

The painting is coming along - been working on the horse but I am not putting a picture up until after a bit more has been done. There's an awful lot of brown base paint to be covered!

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natural attrill said...

The hemp and parrot necklace is nice, looks good with the green leaves.
I like the grumpy monkeys!