Monday, 14 January 2008

Elena's Portrait, Stage 3

Worked on the face some more today - not for as long as I'd like unfortunately, as I had other family commitments plus a very long drawn out chat with my sister on MSN - her first ever. Bless, she doesn't do technology and waiting for her to type her side of the conversation was like watching paint dry, but not the sort of paint I was wanting to watch! I'm not very happy with what I've done - it looks like someone but doesn't yet have the likeness of Elena that I'm after. There is always this middle stage where you feel like throwing the whole thing out the window, but you just need to work through it - think I'll do a different part of it tomorrow. I'm quite drawn towards the hair, I like the way it shines and has little wispy bits standing out against the dark background. You see, you are not only getting the practical process but also seeing the angst that goes on behind the scenes!!

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