Saturday, 19 January 2008

Elena's Portrait Stage 5

I have been working on the horse for the past 3 days - off and on! Trying to find the time to paint at the moment is very hard - life keeps interrupting! Still got an awful lot of work to do on the horse - none of it is finished yet except perhaps the eyes. Looks better now I have them in though - seems to bring it all together somehow.


Laura said...

Wow - the painting is coming along brilliantly, Caroline.

Laura x

natural attrill said...

Looking good Caroline, the horse is begining to come to life, such alot of work goes into it, you are one talented lady!

fhiona galloway said...

It's really coming on now Caroline-hope you manage to get it finished soon.
Great work!

PG said...

Oh my goodness, I would be lost trying to attempt this, utterly lovely!