Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Elena's Portrait, Stage 4

Today I worked for two hours, mainly on the face. I'm pretty happy with it now, but it still needs a bit of work, but that can wait until the rest of the painting is done and I can see it all together. I also did quite a lot of work on the hair, but then discovered that I can't do the bottom curls until I have painted the t-shirt as they overlap. So I put down a base layer of pink with some simple shadows and highlights, which will be worked upon next time after which I can return to finish the hair.

I have to take a break from this for a day or so - I am at the day job all day tomorrow so will not get a chance to paint. Probably not a bad thing, as I will look at it with 'fresh eyes' come Thursday.

I have painted Elena before, several years ago, just a simple head portrait which I feel was one of the best portraits I have ever done. If I get time I will dig out the photo and post it here as a comparison.

In the meantime, the evening crafting has taken a bit of a back seat - I'm knitting myself a lacy sweater which is quite complicated, and also crocheting a small bear. Nothing finished as yet though.


Laura said...

Wow! The painting is coming along fabulously, Caroline.

I'm enjoying watching the progress.

You're so clever! :o)

Laura x

Anonymous said...

SOme day I want to learn oils, for now I do watercolor.
This is coming along lovely.

Caroline B said...

Thank you for your kind comments! Just a note, this is being painted in acrylics, not oils, but it has the same effect. I can't be doing with oils - they are glorious to work with, wonderful results but they take TOO darn long to dry and I just can't work that way. Impatient, that's me!