Saturday, 5 January 2008


Here he is, Sam, all finished and now gone to his new home - thank you Nicola and Steve for giving me the most enjoyable of commissions. I feel quite lost without having to put aside a couple of hours each day to get on with him. Not for long - the next commission is waiting in the wings but first I'll have a couple of days off!


Anonymous said...

Absolutely delighted with our Sam, will be a lovely permanent reminder of a very dear friend for almost 14 years. Caroline you have made a brillant job and captured his character perfectly. Left it at the framing shop now, feel quite lost already although we only had it for a few hours. Can't wait for the end of the week when we can collect the framed picture. Will then finding the perfect spot to hang it and showing it off to all who knew him and some that didn't. Thanks again Caroline we are deligthed, Nicola and Steve

Caroline B said...

Nicola and Steve, it was an absolute pleasure - so glad you like it. My easel looks empty without him too!

Laura said...

Caroline - the painting is magnificent. I love the way you've captured Sam's wet fur and the rendering of the water is remarkable. Fabulous work!

Laura x

Alison M M said...

Hi Caroline, This is our real Sam my nephew, a real water baby and this portrait says it all you have done a fantastic job and i can`t wait to visit Steve & Nicola again to see the framed result we all miss Sam a very faithful friend,
Thank you for making Steve & Nicola proud owners of this great portrait, Ali (Worcester)