Thursday, 10 January 2008

Brushpen Sketch

Having been feeling a bit lost without my painting of Sam to get on with and as I was waiting for the photo for the new commission, I decided to have a go at some little watercolour sketches on a new pad of hand made paper from the Khadi Mill in India - I actually bought it in Charing Cross! The first was the head of a greyhound and while I thought all was going really well, when I went away for a while and returned, I could see that everything was wrong - the proportions, the placement on the paper, use of colour. When I tried to correct it, I discovered that the paper just disintegrated. So that was abandoned and something a little less ambitious was started as in the back of my head a little voice was whispering 'you've lost it, can't draw any more...' Anyway, the above is the result, a little brushpen and coloured pencil sketch of my nephew's retriever. I'm quite pleased with it - it's tiny, only about 4 inches square.

Now I have started the new large acrylic painting - it is a portrait of a young girl and her horse. I was wondering if anyone would be interested to see it's progress right from the start to the bitter end. Let me know, and I'll post regular photos starting with the initial pencil sketch using a grid.


Anonymous said...

This painting is just lovely. Don't have any worries about losing your drawing skills - that is certainly not the case. I would enjoy seeing progress on the girl with horse picture. Sam's picture still being framed, we also miss the picture and him of course. Nicola

natural attrill said...

Yes please! I would love to see a step by step.

I like the little sketch, didnt imagine it be so small at first.

You cant 'lose' it Caroline, not your ability to draw animals anyway (hee hee!!) your work is wonderful and I think you are extremely talented.