Friday, 28 March 2008

Doves, Dogs & Disappointment..

I had a couple of bracelets to make as a commission (not shown) and then as all my lovely boxes of beads were there in front of me, got carried away using some adorable little vintage brass dove charms from My Vintage Charms. I have made a necklace with gold-plated wire and purple glass beads together with small faceted AB glass beads. The charm on the necklace is a pair of doves holding a tiny heart. For the matching earrings, I have used separate doves with purple glass hearts. Very pleased with how these turned out - very delicate and sparkly! Necklace £15, earrings £5 both + p&p

I have been making these little chaps this week. The first one is in a grey chenille yarn and he is quite small having been knitted on size 14 needles (those of you who knit will be sucking in your breath - yes it was very fiddly!) He has a blue leather collar with shiny ID disc. The second dog is made with an incredibly soft eyelash yarn which feels like down. He does have the jointed legs somewhere under all that fur! I trimmed the face carefully in order to sew on the features and was pleasantly surprised to find that some very authentic looking doggy eyebrows appeared! He also has the leather collar and ID disc, and both of them will be sold for £15 when they have their baskets, blankets, coats, bowls and toys as usual.

Finally found out today about the David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year Exhibition - my painting didn't get accepted. Very disappointed, and wishing the lady on the phone hadn't raised my hopes irresponsibly!! Never mind, keep plugging away....let's hope one of my other 'hopefuls' is successful.

This is the 199th post on this blog - the next one will announce a giveaway. Only one of you has suggested a 'prize' - it would be nice to hear some other ideas! Come out of the shadows and leave a suggestion, go on, I dare you!


Sue said...

Oh Caroline, what a disappointment about the David Shepherd Exhibition. I'm sorry to hear it.

I do love your doggies, esp. the one with eyebrows! I'm sure he'll soon find a new home and his grey chum too!

Laura said...

Oh that's such a shame Caroline. Like you say, the lady shouldn't have raised your hopes.

Now, I'm not a dog fan but that fluffy grey one is so cute!

As for a prize, I loved that fluffy little amigurumi teddy you made last month. Maybe something similar to him?

natural attrill said...

I like the eyebrow dog, he looks like a real character!

natural attrill said...

How about a mystery prize, so no-one knows what it is? and then they show what it is on their blog if they win!

fhiona galloway said...

I love the sandy colour dog-its so cute!!
He's got such a cute whimsical look on his face :0)

Magpie Magic said...

The necklace and earrings are pretty, so delicate and quite old fashioned (in a nice way). They work really well with this year's fashion.

Love the fluffy little dog. He's gorgeous!