Sunday, 18 March 2012

At Last!

Thank goodness that's over!  I did enjoy drawing this but found it a real slog - perhaps I wasn't in the mood for a tight controlled pencil drawing, but the final few days felt like very hard work!  But I didn't give up and I'm glad because it's come out reasonably well.  I'm not too sure what to do with it now....any offers?
A bone of contention in our house is the amount of toys living on my daughter's bed. I know she loves each and every one of them and that they all have their special positions and at night the more favoured ones sleep with her while the others have little sleeping places made for them around her room, with cardigans and jumpers for covers.  However, when it comes to me making the bed, they drive me CRAZY!  My daughter cannot make her own bed - it's raised and she can't reach it without precariously balancing on the steps, so it's easier if I do it. So every day I have to gather them up, sort them out and put them back in their proper places.  When it comes to changing the sheets...well, you can imagine, it takes quite a while.

Today I took off the old sheets for washing before breakfast and it was an hour or so before I went back up there to put the fresh ones on.  This is what I found - a quite spectacular pyramid of soft toys - the photo does not do justice to the sheer mathematical precision of this arrangement.  I don't know how long it took her or if it was the work of some entity from the film Poltergeist, but it really made me laugh!  It made putting the sheets on a whole lot easier too!


Sue Doran said...

The picture was worth all the effort!

Stacey's toy pile reminds me of big stone cairns in the Lake District, I bet she'd be a dab hand at dry stone walling :-)

Soggibottom said...

I'm with Sue, there is something very arty about the pile of soft toys. :-)
Beautiful dog Caroline. Pleased to see he has all his fluffy bits on his head keeping him warm :-) X X X

Magpie Magic said...

I can see why the dog would drive you mad.... but it looks great and well worth the effort. :-)

Love the toy pile, very cretive. Maybe you should get Stacy to do this everytime you have to change the bedding? You could take a picture each time and keep a diary of the piles. :-) xoxo