Sunday, 25 March 2012

There, There, Bear....

Instead of getting on with boring stuff paid work yesterday, I took a little time out to dress the bear. Her dress is hand-stitched from some pretty floral cotton, with ribbon trim around the neck and back opening.  The dress is fastened with a snap fastener and has a tiny pink button.

I'm afraid her bow is stitched to her head - I whispered an apology as I stabbed her little kapok brain with the needle, but there is no other way of attaching such adornments to a bear with no hair!

She'll be going into the Etsy shop later today.  I really want to spend more time sewing these tiny felt bears but with another list of knitted articles to be getting on with, I just don't know when.


Sue Doran said...

I think most girls would put up with a little pain to look as pretty as this little bear does!

Magpie Magic said...