Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The Week So Far...

The weekend is already drawing nigh and I just haven't achieved all I set out to this week - but I've made a good attempt at least.  This portrait of Bonnie is progressing nicely, although still a long way to go as the muzzle is only half done and there is an awful lot of fluffy red hair to still put in around her ruff.  I'm having a bit of bother with my pencils as I seem to have broken yet another battery-operated sharpener and I just can't get the points I need with a hand held one.  So I am awaiting the delivery of a shiny new sharpener from Derwent which hopefully should get me back on track.  Sharpeners don't seem to last long with the punishment they get in my house.

Still cannot get my head round being on the front page of the Artists & Illustrators website this month - it's something I have dreamed of but never thought to achieve.  Next stop to be featured properly in the magazine?  Please?

I received confirmation in the post of a workshop and demonstration I shall be giving at Bramshott & Liphook Arts & Crafts Society in the summer.  More details of that closer to the time.  I'm a bit nervous, this will be my first time in front of an audience and I am hoping not to choke!

On the needles, a knitted dog set, various items for the animated film that I am not allowed to talk about, and I really must get on with that Dr.Who as someone's birthday is next week.

The tomato seedlings have finally poked their heads above the soil.  I discovered that it really helps if you actually water them....whoops!  I have a feeling I may be losing the race this year!

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Sue Doran said...

This week has got away from me a bit too! Many congrats on your front page appearance, I'm in town tomorrow, I will be looking for the magazine. I'm sure you'll do great at the workshop once you get started; you'll do great!