Tuesday, 12 March 2013

The Object Of My Affections...

I may possibly be in love...with a pencil sharpener.  For years I have been buying my battery operated sharpeners from the local stationers and while they were good enough, they never seemed to last.  They were also very greedy, chewing up my expensive pencils like they were licorice sticks.  My last sharpener barely made it through a year before getting a piece of pigment stuck and then never working right again. 

Yesterday I got the new sharpener in the post - I promise I am not getting commission from Derwent, but it is one of theirs and I am completely emtranced.  It has four pencil widths, two sharpness settings, and - get this - a setting for an extra long, sharp point.  It even sharpens at the optimum angle for minimum pencil wastage. As I sat there re-sharpening the pencils I have been using for the current dog portrait, I just kept exclaiming 'wow!'.
So I can now continue this picture secure in the knowledge that there will be no more innaccurate lines due to blunt pencil points, no inadvertently spoiling work already done by using a woefully clumsy drawing tool.

But first I have to bake a tardis cake - shame there isn't a machine to do that for me!

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