Sunday, 17 March 2013

Och Aye....

I've been having an absolutely rubbish week on the whole, which really affects creativity.  Hard to make something lovely when all you want to do is bash your head slowly and repeatedly against a wall!  However, I have been making some headway through my 'to do' list.  This little set is finished and ready to go.  I'm quite pleased with the check pattern on the blanket - a Scottish feel was asked for, I think I achieved it.
It tickles me that no matter how hard I try, using the same needles and yarn combinations, these little dogs always turn out different with their own personalities.  This one is bigger for some reason, but just as cute.
Once again, my son and I are sharing the shelves of newsagents this week.  He has an illustration in this month's Jamie Oliver magazine.  I'm going to have to get a bigger file to keep copies of his work in - more like a box I think!

Today sees the annual Fleet Half Marathon.  Whilst I have no objection to people having fun and running their little hearts out, I must admit to thoroughly resenting the fact that as our house is two roads down from  the start/finish line, once again we are under house arrest for most of the day as they shut the roads completely for five hours or so.  I had to dash around yesterday and make sure any jobs requiring the use of a car were done as I am unable to go anywhere between 10 and 3. After 17 years of it, you tend to get just a little fed up.  Oh well, no excuse not to get on with some work!  I'm labouring over that last'll see why when it is finished!

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