Monday, 21 October 2013

Cats & Dogs...

Here is the completed double portrait.  This has been painted using a combination of Derwent Drawing Pencils and a lot of white acrylic paint, on pastel paper.  It's always tricky to combine two different animals using two different photographs for reference.  The sizes have to be exact - no-one wants one animal to be bigger than the other or the proportions to be wrong.  Hopefully here I have got it right! 

The cat caused a few headaches - that 'strawberry' stained mouth is so unusual!  I also did not look at the two animals together on the paper between sketching it out and making the final brushstroke on the cat. The dog was covered with paper to protect it while I was painting the cat - I just had to trust my own instincts that it would all look fine when finished.  I like to live dangerously!

Next up, another dog portrait.

There is still time between now and Christmas if you would like to commission a pet portrait for that special someone - when worked in the above medium, a painting can take about two weeks to complete.

On the needles...yet another zombie, plus I have to knit an aspidistra.  First I have to find out what an aspidistra is - I know it's a pot plant, but that's about as far as my knowledge extends.  Google here I come....

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Magpie Magic said...

The portrait looks great. :-) I am sure the new owners will love it. :-) Good luck with the aspidistra. LOL