Thursday, 10 October 2013

Things That Made Me Smile...

New boots! Found in a tiny shop in Farnham last weekend, quite by chance.  Bought them without trying them on properly and found they were too small - devastated, but the wonderful shop owner saved me a larger pair when the new delivery came in.  They are the most comfortable shoes I own at the moment, and that's saying something as I am the type of person that gets blisters from new slippers!
My front garden!  After nearly a year of it looking like a crater full of cat crap, it is finally pretty again.  I have planted lots of spring bulbs, some under the gravel so they will be a surprise next year.  We still have the cat problem, but with some strategic thorny twigs, plastic mesh and a generous sprinkling of Silent Roar (lion poo!) hopefully they will stay off it.
The one and only pumpkin!  I know it's small, I know there is only one of them, but I am so pleased to have actually grown a pumpkin for the first time.  Usually the vine gets mildewed (British climate!) and the flowers drop off.  This one is extra special as it was grown from seeds collected from a pumpkin my daughter was given in Boston last year by a kind gentleman in our hotel during the hurricane.

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