Thursday, 31 October 2013

Happy Halloween!

We've all been doing some Halloween crafting this year, making up for the fact we are not visiting Salem!  My daughter has embraced Halloween since spending it three times in the USA, so I am trying to make it a bit special here at home.  We have decorations, pumpkin pie, pumpkin soup, she and I are both wearing Halloween themed clothes & jewellery today, there is a cake waiting to be decorated and I have just finished carving this pumpkin.  I'm really pleased with this, it's my first attempt at anything other than the traditional toothy grin - it's based on The Walking Dead.
My partner's pumpkin is a lot simpler but no less effective - bleagh!
And Stacie came home the other day having made this little guy and his webs.  He is so cute I think we may keep him after Halloween is finished.

Stacie also has a Halloween mixed cd, but the least said about that the better - that's being retired after tonight....if I hear that version of Thriller performed by session musicians one more time I am going to throw it out the window!

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Soggibottom said...

YEAH STACIE babes, have a great night. BOO !
:-) X X X