Wednesday, 23 October 2013

What a Wopper!

I cleared out the corner of the garden where I had been growing tomatoes and cucumbers today.  In amongst the mess of dying tomato vines I discovered this little fellow - I was so pleased, homegrown cucumbers are really tasty, no matter how small.  Then as I continued, I noticed this...
Whoo-hoo!  Never noticed that growing at the bottom of the pot!
Despite having a day of everyone taking my time, which was very frustrating as Wednesday is my day off from the day job and the time I use to get on with arts and crafts, I did make a start on the teeny-tiny shell bouquet I have been commissioned to make.  All went well until I had a bit of a superglue all my years, I have never stuck any part of my anatomy together with superglue, but today my thumb and forefinger were totally glued.  At first it was funny, then as time went by it was starting to get scary.  After five minutes of soaking in hot water, they finally came apart.  So I guess I can carry on....carefully!

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Magpie Magic said...

Home grown food always tastes better. :-) Hope your fingers are okay. It makes them very sore to have them stuck together (I know, from experience). Can't wait to see the bouquet, sounds intriguing. xoxo