Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Dare You Wear This?

 No, I haven't lost my mind and started a new range of clothing!  This is a commission I have been working on for a university student as part of her collection.  It is crocheted from cut up tights using a 1960's dress pattern.  I would not recommend crocheting with cut up tights - it has to be the hardest material ever for wear and tear to the thumbs and wrists - not sure why, perhaps due to trying to keep the tension right with a very stretchy and sometimes lumpy strand.
I have a feeling that whoever has to model this will get very warm - I kept wondering why I was experiencing hot flushes whilst working on this and then realised it was due to the half inch layer of nylon covering my lap!

Next up, a gold crocheted bra for the same client - could be interesting...

1 comment:

Sue Doran said...

That's um, very .... ah ... well, gold bra next, you say? Hope the material is easier on the fingers!