Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Definitely WIP's!

 This week I have been crocheting a mini-dress from strips of tights. This is for a univeristy student's collection and I was relieved to find out that it is supposed to be ugly.  Vaguely resembles some kind of surgical appliance to my eyes...

Crocheting with tights is very painful - not sure why it hurts the thumbs so much, but it does, going right up the forearms.  I fear my arms will look like Popeye's by the time I finish this!
I'm sewing a kind of blew my mind that I was first making a box, then sewing fabric on it to make it look like wood.  This has got a long way to go yet before it is ready for use in a new animation.

Also on the needles, a complex knitted waistcoat in recycled denim jeans yarn, which is starting to look very nice indeed.

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