Thursday, 23 April 2015

Taking Over The Newsagents!

This week sees the name Bletsis in a couple of publications.  First up is a lovely article in the new Simply Knitting magazine all about Nudinits, the all knitted animation I worked on for two years.  We've had mentions in other magazines since the film came out, but this is the first full page proper article.  If you haven't seen the film and are not easily shocked, here's the link:

Second is another Adventure Time cover done by my very talented son.  He was asked to submit thumbnails with the idea they would choose the one they liked for publication - in the end, they chose two!  I'm running out of room in the file I have for copies of his work.

Not in a magazine, but for sale over in my Etsy shop, another blast from the past discovered in my portfolio. This is a watercolour painting of Castries Market in St. Lucia. I remember enjoying painting this one so much with the various colours, textures and light.

Currently on the needles: a gold crocheted bra.  Hmm. It's giving me blisters, the yarn is so rough so I pity the model who has to wear it!

On the easel: nothing.  Oh dear, time to pull myself together and start something.

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