Sunday, 19 April 2015

This Week I Have Been Mostly...

...knitting this waistcoat in a gorgeous yarn made from recycled jeans.  It may take a while as it is very compicated and that's before I attempt the lace back! 

I'm also still crocheting the mini dress from cut up tights and massaging Volterol into my thumbs and wrists every night before bed whichseems to keep the aches and pains at bay. 

I am also making some very interesting things for the next animation - a spider was the last item.
We went to see Seasick Steve in concert on Tuesday.  I began to feel my age during the warm-up act when I found myself thinking it was 'too loud' and wishing it was over.  However, as soon as Seasick Steve came on stage, all that was forgotten and the next couple of hours were simply brilliant.  Unfortunately we had to leave during the second encore (!) otherwise we'd miss our train.  Turns out we might as well have stayed as one of our tube links was delayed by ten minutes and we missed our train anyway, which resulted in having to take a train to the nearest town and then pay for a taxi home - ouch!  But we'd had so much fun, it really didn't matter.
With the warm weather we've been experiencing, everything has burst into bloom within a few days.  This is the cherry tree just outside out kitchen window - I'm hoping we get to eat some of the fruit this year instead of feeding all the local birds.  Time to get the plastic hawk on duty once again!
 Walking the dog has been fun too - the sloes are fully in bloom, looking like snow from a distance.
 Hoping to see some fruit here too - the trees were bare last year.
 Wild violets are in abundance, first time I have seen so many in the lanes.
 There are so many butterflies - making more butterflies half the time it seems!

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