Sunday, 23 March 2008

Daisy Bear & Tiny Mouse, plus latest commission

I've been dipping into the free mohair again and made another pink bear, fuzzy this time. She has turned out a bit bigger than previously, and I have dressed her in a pink gingham dress trimmed with rosy ribbon, and she has a hand-stitched felt daisy in her hand and one by her ear.
As you can see by the detailed photo, there is also a little ladybird visiting the daisy. This one is £12 + p&p

After finishing the bear, I decided (as the bag of felt was beside me...) to make another of the little Japanese mascots - a mouse this time. I don't know if you can judge the size by the picture, but his head is about the size of a 50p coin. More felt mascots to come as I am finally getting towards the end of various commissions and really must make up some stock for all the craft fairs I've blythely signed up for in the coming months!

Finally, here is the completed portrait I have been working on over the past couple of weeks. These lads belong to a lady I work with and she was very specific as to how she wanted this done - I hope I have achieved it! It has been drawn in sanguine pencil, which would have been a lot easier of the children weren't both really blonde and fair-skinned! Had to add a bit of black in the darker places to give it some 'oomph' or the whole thing would have been very insipid. Now I have to wait until after the Easter break to find out if she likes it....

P.S. Coming up to my 200th post - good grief, already?? Considering a giveaway - let me know what you think it should be this time........


natural attrill said...

Well done Caroline for getting that commission done, looks really good to me, hope your lady likes it.
I think your little mouse is very cute.
A giveaway - yay! well, I'd like to win one of your bracelets myself, hehe!

julie said...

love the cute little bear - she's really pretty in that pink gingham and Amy thinks your little mouse is the cutest! The portrait is awesome - she'll love it I'm sure!

Magpie Magic said...

Love the mouse! She's one cutie!