Sunday, 16 March 2008

Pink Knitted Teddy

Although I have been working as much as ever, I don't seem to have much to show on here lately. I have been making a bed for the previous knitted dog, as well as continuing the pencil portrait commission. There has also been a fair amount of turmoil going on behind the scenes at home but I don't need to go into that here.

Friday I came home from work with another two large carrier bags full of yarn from the same source as before. Not just mohair this time, but some lovely baby wool and some cotton look yarn too. So I set about making the above as I had found the pattern in amongst my stash the other day and fancied a change from crochet teddies.

She was finished last night and I had obviously concentrated on it far too much as I dreamt I was still making her and also making her a dress. So when I got up this morning I decided to actually make the dress - having a free day today, as we were under virtual house-arrest due to a half-marathon which is run annually in our town closing most of the roads and making it impossible for us to go anywhere as our house is 100 yards from the start/finish. It is all hand-stitched and ties in a bow with the ribbon at the back. You can see the scale from the 50p coin in her lap. She has fully jointed limbs and an overload of cuteness! £10 + p&p


Darla said...

Your artwork is absolutely phenomenal! I love the commission of the wet dog...both the dog and the water are done so incredibly well!
These knitted teddies are cuter than the norm, too! Have you ever sold your items on I'm sure you would find even more success there.

natural attrill said...

Do you think you could knit and run at the same time?!(I cant knit and not much good at running so I couldnt)

Caroline B said...

Ha Penny - me run? Not unless absolutely necessary!