Monday, 10 March 2008

Sitting on Tenterhooks....

....whatever tenterhooks are, I'm on them. A while back I submitted paintings to 'Going to the Dogs' exhibition in Boston, a painting to the David Shepherd Foundation Wildlife Artist of the Year competition, and last week sent my website details to the Artist & Illustrators magazine for consideration to be included in their Portfolio pages. The results of the judging for the Boston exhibition will be issued any day I got a cryptic phone call from the David Shepherd Foundation people asking for more info about my picture and when I asked if that meant anything promising, the lady laughed and said 'could be...' One hour after sending my site details to A&I I got a reply saying my work was 'just fantastic' and she would speak to her editor about maybe featuring me in more than the Portfolio. I feel I am on the brink of something - either something brilliant or major disappointment. Whichever it is, I wish I knew NOW!

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natural attrill said...

Oh how exciting! well done Caroline! cant wait to hear more.