Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Frog & Flamingo

No, not some new yuppy pub but my new necklaces. First is a wonderful hand-made glass bead with a little tree-frog from Clearly Glass hung on an antique-look chain with some green lampwork glass beads and antique-look leaves. I've had this bead for a long time but never known how to utilise it to it's best advantage - hopefully this has done the trick! £20 + p&p

Second is a little set involving pink glass flowers, AB coated green glass beads and some vintage brass charms - a flamingo and palm trees - on an antique-look chain. The bracelet is simple with the flowers and chain. Has a 'Florida' feel to it - that's my theory anyway! Necklace £16 + p&p, bracelet £7 + p&p

1 comment:

natural attrill said...

I didnt know what you were talking about then Caroline, what flamingo's? then i clicked to enlarge the pic and saw the tiny charms, very pretty, and i especially like the pink flowers.