Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Saggy Baggy Elephant

A week's work and this is the result...I'm in two minds about this. It does NOT resemble the photo with the pattern, the pattern was wrong in places so there are a few minor errors, and the sewing instructions were appalling which meant I pretty much improvised. On the other hand, he does have an attractively pathetic air about him so anyone with a compassionate streak may well fall in love with him. Should you be that person, this elephant goes for £15. He is about 12 inches from trunk to tail, very squishily stuffed with kapok, and knitted in a chenille type yarn which ends up feeling like soft towelling. He has plastic clip-in eyes and the flower in his trunk is removable.

Still waiting for news on the painting situation - I may not last the distance as every time the phone goes or there is a new e-mail in my account my heart skips a beat!

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